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    Research areas

  • Hydrogeochemistry, Groundwater, Surface Water, Isotope Tracers in Hydrogeology


My main interests are in the application of geochemical tracers to understand processes in groundwater and surface water systems. This includes: using geochemistry to understand processes such as water-rock interaction and weathering, use of radioactive tracers such as C-14 and tritium to examine the pathways and timescales of groundwater flow in aquifers; using Radon and major ions to determine location and fluxes of groundwater inflows to rivers; using tritium to estimate residence times of water in river catchments. The work is multi-disciplinary and involves fieldwork, geochemistry, and numerical analysis.

Research interests

Here is a snapshot of current research projects


Understanding geochemical processes in River Catchments


This suite of projects employ a range of environmental isotopes and major ions together with streamflow data and groundwater elevations to understand the location and fluxes of groundwater to rivers, the residence time of water in river catchments, and whether different stores of water are activated under different flow conditions. The projects emphasise integration of geochemical and physical data to achieve an understanding of key processes that impact the water balance and water quality in rivers. Field areas are mainly in Victoria (southeast Australia) and include a variety of river types (ephemeral / perennial, headwater catchments, regulated / unregulated).



Geochemical tracers of groundwater processes


These projects use a range of geochemical tracers to understand processes in aquifer systems. The projects integrate geochemistry, includingstable and radioactive isotopes and major ions, with groundwater flow to achieve an understanding of processes such asthe origins of solutes, water-rock interaction, groundwater residence times, inter-aquifer flow and recharge. The projects are based in a range of aquifer systems in eastern Australia.

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