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  • Animal Law, Corporations and Human Rights, International Criminal Law and Justice, Torts Law, Transitional Justice


Joanna joined the Law Faculty as a Lecturer in 2010 and is an Associate of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law. Her research interests lie at the intersection of corporate accountability, international criminal law, human rights, transitional justice, and legal theory.

Much of Joanna's work to date has examined the application of international criminal law to corporations. She has published articles and book chapters on this and related subjects, including in the Journal of International Criminal Justice. She has held visiting fellowships at Columbia University and the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law.

Joanna worked previously with the South Australian Crown Solicitor's Office, and in both private and community legal practice.

A selection of her publications can be found at

Community service


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Research interests

Corporations and human rights

International criminal law and justice

Transitional justice

Animal Law

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LAW4230 Animal Law SEM1/T2

LAW2201 Torts A SEM1/T2

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