Human Geography

    Research areas

  • Environmental Policy, Evaluation and Learning, Experimentation, Governance, Natural Resource Management, Social Learning, Sustainablility, Urban Water, transformation, Innovation Systems

Community service

Untill recently, Megan was a member of the Committe of Management at the Monash Community Family Cooperative childcare centre. Her role involved extensive fundraising for the Centre to support additional educational material requirements for the Center.


Yarra River Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee (2016)

Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (2014)

Environmental Protection Authority, Victoria (2009)


Research interests

I am interested in the broad fields of environmental and natural resource governance. In particular, I am interested in exploring and understanding processes and pathways for practical and socioi-institutional change. To this end, my research focuses on exploring the role of sustainability experimentation (technical and governance) in helping to promote and deliver changes in policy and on-ground practices. Here I focus on demonstrations/experiments related to trialing innovative alternative water systems, green infrastructure and decentralised energy technologies. Drawing on socio-ecological systems, new institutionalism and sustainability transitions scholarship, I am interested in unpacking the role and utility of experimentation as a process towards delivering and sustaining change. Complementing this research, I have an interest in social learning, evaluation and impact assessment, drivers of institutional change and unpacking urban transformations.

I also have a growing interest in understanding disaster resilience and risk management in Australia and beyond in relation to 'extreme events' (e.g. heat waves, droughts and floods); in particular, how sustainable practices may deliver improved resilience to such events.

Supervision interests

I am open to working with students who are interested in examining questions related to urban sustainability, water governance, natural resource management issues, and experimentation and learning.

Possible Honours and Masters 12/24pt Research Topics:

Water Sensitive Urban Design: where are we at and where are we going?

10,000 Raingardens: greening Melbourne or green wash?

Exploring the intangible and tangible impacts arising from interdisciplinary, collaborative sustainability research.

Can experimentation deliver widespread practice change in urban environments?

Monash teaching commitment

Dr Megan Farrelly current coordinates the following undergraduate and postgraudate units:

Extreme Earth! Natural Hazards and Human Vulnerability (ATS1310)

Resource Evaluation and Management (ATS3554/APG4554)

Perspectives on Sustainability (ENS5020)


Megan has also previously coordinated the following units:

Environmental Governance (2009; 2010)

Environmental Analysis and Decision-Making (2009; 2010) (3yrd and 4th yr)

Frontiers in Environment and Sustainability (2011)

ID: 769209