Sch of Biological Sciences

    Research areas

  • Spatial ecology, bioindication, environmental change, biological invasions, protected areas, biodiversity


PhD (Entomology), Pretoria University (1995) Postdoctotal Fellowship, Sheffield University (1996); Lecturer, University of Pretoria (1997-2000); Senior Lecturer - Professor, Stellenbosch University (2001-2008); Core Team Member, DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Invasion Biology (2004-2012); Head, Cape Research Centre, South African National Parks (2008-2012); Larkins Fellow (2012-2014) and currently Professor in Biological Sciences at Monash University.

My main research programmes to date include (i) spatial ecology and the value of occupancy data in ecology (ongoing); (ii) the impact of climate change on sub-Antarctic biodiversity; (iii) the development of bioindication systems, including those for monitoring the success of biodiversity policy implementation (ongoing); and (iv) the consequences of global change for protected areas and their performance. My current research integrates the use of theoretical and spatial ecology with the modelling of species occupancy and abundance distributions into approaches for monitoring biodiversity and biodiversity policy, often using invasive alien species as a model problem. This research falls within the emerging field of Conservation Scaling, i.e. creating explicit linkages between high level policy and local conservation action by ensuring matching of ecological, management, monitoring and policy scales (McGeoch et al. 20062010Butchart et al. 2010).

ID: 817016