Associate Professor Rebecca Giblin is an academic within Monash University's Law Faculty. During 2011 she was the Kernochan Visiting International Intellectual Property Scholar at Columbia Law School in New York, and in 2013 a Senior Visiting Scholar in residence at Berkeley Law School. Giblin is the author of Code Wars (Edward Elgar, 2011), co-editor (with Professor Kimberlee Weatherall) of What if we could reimagine copyright? and has published numerous other research works. She was awarded a PhD for her work studying anti-regulatory code in 2008. Rebecca has spoken on matters spanning copyright law, access to knowledge (A2K) and regulation of emerging technologies at public events and scholarly conferences across five continents. 

In 2012 Giblin was awarded a $70,700 Monash Research Accelerator grant which supported the development of her major study 'Evaluating Graduated Response' and her international 'Reimagine' collaboration. She is currently the lead Chief Investigator of a $680,204 ARC Linkage Project studying the legal and social impacts of library elending, with a team of legal, social and data science researchers and eight library partners. Most of her research is available open access for full text download. She sits on the Board of the Australian Digital Alliance, a non-profit organisation seeking public interest-furthering copyright reform on behalf of a membership of libraries, schools, universities, cultural organisations, technology companies, consumer organisations and individuals. Rebecca tweets on tech law, IP & related issues @rgibli

Research interests

Giblin's research interests centre on copyright law, access to knowledge and regulation of emerging technologies. Some particular interests include:

  • domestic and global copyright law (and law reform processes)
  • legal mechanisms for better securing copyright's rewards to creators, particularly rights reversion
  • the public interest in copyright, particularly the role of copyright in human and economic development
  • internet regulation
  • intermediary liability
  • user rights and exceptions
  • anti-regulatory code
  • copyright and libraries - elending, preservation and more

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