Research areas

  • Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Philosophy, Human Enhancement, PGD, Intersex Conditions, Sex, Sex Selection, Genetic Relatedness, Parenthood, Reproductive Liberty, Stem Cells, Therapeutic Cloning, Military Ethics, Robotic Weapons, Robot Ethics, Cloning, IVF, Nanotechnology


At the highest level of description my research interests are political philosophy and applied ethics; I am interested in philosophical arguments with real-world implications. More specifically, I am working in or have worked in: political philosophy, bioethics, environmental ethics, media ethics; just war theory; and the ethics of science and technology.

A more-or-less-up-to-date list of my publications with links to copies of (some of) them, can be found here. Copies of all of my published papers are available on request.

ID: 761442