Research areas

  • Consumer Interest, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Informal economies, Marketing, Poverty


I am a career academic with extensive global professional experience spanning 21 years. As a scholar, I have published in international journals of high quality in marketing and interdisciplinary areas, broadly on the impact of markets on quality of life, and with data from several developing countries. As an educator, I have taught using the case method and dialogic inquiry across undergraduate, Masters, and PhD programs.

I study market behaviour and evolution in low-income settlements of large cities in developing countries. This includes consumer and entrepreneurial behaviour and strategies of larger firms engaging with them (social or commercial). Currently, I am studying how transformative subsistence entrepreneurs in India break out of poverty and grow their businesses and their communities; and how hybrid marketing exchange systems of water and sanitation have evolved in four Pacific Island countries. I use statistical, ethnographic, and participatory action research methods.



Monash teaching commitment

MBA 5906 - Strategic Marketing Leadership (Executive MBA)

MKF 5351 - Marketing Strategy (Master of Marketing)

Research interests

Subsistence and Informal Economies

Entrepreneurial Processes

Marketing Systems

Marketing Strategy

Consumer Interest and Quality of Life

Social Capital

Sustainable Development

Supervision interests

Projects set in markets of developing countries

Projects in water, sanitation, housing, energy, and agriculture / food security

Marketing strategy in the consumer interest 

Projects involving entrepreneurial processes

ID: 855390