Department of Economics

    Research areas

  • Applied Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics, Economics of Organisations and Institutions, Experimental Economics, Political Economy


Vai-Lam Mui is an associate professor in the Department of Economics.

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Vai-Lam obtained his Ph.D in 1992 from the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests are in applied microeconomic theory, behavioural economics, the economics of organizations and institutions, experimental economics, and political economy.

Vai-Lam has done theoretical work in the economics of envy, as well as in the political economy of social purges such as the European witch-hunt, McCarthyism, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. He has also done work that combined the laboratory method with behavioural economics and political economy. For example, one of his recent research projects uses the laboratory method to study the political economy of leader transgression against the rights of subordinates. It investigates how different kinds of social interactions between subordinates - such as non-binding communication between them--may trigger concerns beyond narrow self-interests and facilitate collective resistance against leader transgression.

He has published in journals such as The Economic Journal, Economic Theory, Experimental Economics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, and Strategic Organization. Currently, he serves on the editorial board of Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.






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