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    Research areas

  • Education Finance, Education Governance, Education Reform, ICT, Education Admnistration and Policy


Philip Wing Keung Chan is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. He has worked in course development and training at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. He was a convenor of Monash Education Research Community (MERC) and is a convenor of Chinese Education Research Team and a series editor of Asia Pacific Education Book series of Monash University Publishing. His recent edited book are 'Asia Pacific Education: Diversity, Challenges and Changes' (Monash University Publishing, 2012), 'Equality in Education: Fairness and Inclusion' (Senses Publishers, 2014) and andlsquo;Asia as Method in Education Studies: A Defiant Imagination' (Routledge, 2015).

Research interests

Network Governance, Chinese Public Education, Asia as Method, ICT and Economics of Education

Monash teaching commitment

  • EDF2803 - Learning and researching in work-related contexts
  • EDF3804 - Independent work-based project
  • EDF3810 - Mentoring at work
  • EDF4122 - Teaching partnerships: Working with families and communities
  • EDF4610 - Interacting with research in education contexts
  • EDF5691 - Professional project
  • EDF5806 - Policy and practice of education
  • EDF5912 - Reseaching professional practice
  • EDF6005 - Reading, interpreting and communicating research
  • EDF6010 - Professional project (A)
  • EDF6020 - Professional project (B)

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