Learning To Teach Science 1: Stories Of Practice by Pre-Service Teachers

Editors: Stephen Keast, Lucy Rutherford, Stacey Gwilym, Amy Hooper, Karen Marangio & Debra Panizzon.
Publication year: 2015.
Publisher: Monash University Publishing.
Abstract: The book is an anthology of pre-service teacher authorised cases describing incidences and reflections from their placement experiences while undertaking education studies at Monash University in 2014. This book is organised into six chapters. These are; 1. Understanding learning and developing pedagogy, 2. Navigating placement, 3. Teaching outside your preferred content area, 4. Achieving engagement and active learning, 5. Practicals and chapter 6. International placements. Peer-authored stories can have powerful impact in teacher education, as pre-services teachers struggle to find their professional teacher identity. This book is the first in a series that provides fresh perspectives on the contemporary struggle in Victorian classrooms as pre-service teachers learn how to teach science.
Contact: Lucy Rutherford (+613) 9905 2850 – lucy.rutherford@monash.edu