Learning To Teach Science 2: Stories Of Practice by Pre-Service Teachers

Editors: Stephen Keast, Lucy Rutherford, Stacey Gwilym, Amy Hooper, Karen Marangio & Debra Panizzon.
Publication year: 2015.
Publisher: Monash University Publishing.
Abstract: The book is an anthology of pre-service teacher authorised cases describing incidences and reflections from their placement experiences while undertaking education studies at Monash University in 2015. This book is organised into five chapters. The first four chapters are named after focal concepts from Keast et al’s ARC Discovery research project, with each chapter introduced by an academic from the project team; Dr Ian Mitchell, Associate Professor Debra Panizzon and Dr Kathy Smith. The final chapter features and advice from two wonderful in-service teachers. Peer-authored stories can have powerful impact in teacher education, as pre-services teachers struggle to find their professional teacher identity. This book provides fresh perspective on the contemporary struggle in Victorian classrooms as pre-service teachers learn how to teach science.
Contact: lucy.rutherford@monash.edu