Engaging STEM Education Series – 2017

The Engaging STEM Education Series in 2017 consisted of 4 seminars that set out to explore various aspects of contemporary STEM education in schools with a focus on implications for learning and teaching.

1. Presentation: Making Sense of STEM Education – What is STEM education?, Scienceworks, (16/3/2017).

  • Professor Deb Corrigan (Monash University)
  • Professor John Loughran (Monash University)
  • Ms Linda Sproul (Melbourne Museum)
  • Mr Andrew Wilkinson (Sandringham Secondary College)

2. Panel Discussion: Approaches and Pedagogies to Enhance STEM Education, Blackburn High School, (15/6/2017).

  • Dr Rebecca Cooper (Lecturer, Monash University)
  • Dr Pen Kalogeropoulos (Lecturer, Monash University)
  • Associate Professor Gill Kidman (Associate Professor, Monash University)
  • Professor Daniela Schmeinck (University of Cologne)
  • Ms Joanna Alexander (Principal, Blackburn High School)

3. Panel Discussion: Enhancing STEM Education with Digital, Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC), (7/9/2017).

  • Mr Michael Pakakis (Director of VSSEC)
  • Mr Gary Bass (STEM Educator)
  • Mr Sean Elliott (STEM Educator)
  • Mr Roland Gesthuizen (Monash University)

4. Panel Discussion: Contemporary Practices in STEM Education, The Knox School, (9/11/2017).

  • Dr Kathy Smith (Monash University)
  • Dr Angela Fitzgerald (Monash University)
  • Dr Jennifer Mansfield (Monash University)
  • Ms Alexandra Ogloff (St Joseph’s Primary School)
  • Ms Jordyn Whittington (Scoresby Primary School)
  • Ms Jaclyn Rooney (Stile Education)
  • Mr Ben Liu (Zoos Victoria)
  • Mr Lucas Johnson (St James Catholic Primary School)
  • Ms Shelley Waldon (Catholic Education Services)
  • Ms Heather Ablett (The Knox School)