Current Collaborators

Justin_Dillon sm bg
Professor Justin Dillon

Head of the school of Science and Environmental Education, University of Bristol, UK.
Research Interests: Science teaching and learning in schools, museums, science centres and in the outdoor classroom.

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Cristina Varsavsky sm bg
Professor Cristina Varsavsky

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science, Monash University
Research Interests: Learning and teaching in the broad areas of mathematics and science education including the use of technology, curriculum development and the interface of mathematics and science education between secondary school and university.
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Leonie sm bg
Emeritus Professor Leonie Rennie

Vice Chancellory, Curtin University
Research Interests: Gender and issues of equity in science education, learning and teaching science in out-of-schools settings, science curriculum integration and science education policy.
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Past Members

Angela fitzgerald sm bg
Associate Professor Angela Fitzgerald

University of Southern Queensland, Australia (USQ)
Research Interests:
Primary science education with a focus on ethnography and it implications for understanding classroom contexts, student engagement and teacher professional learning. Classroom video research. [2014-2017] Link

Adam Bertram sm bg
Senior Lecturer Adam Bertram

Bundoora Campus, RMIT University
Research Interests:
Science Education, Teacher Education, Physics Education, Pedagogical Content Knowledge
[2010-2014] Link

Lecturer Hong Ming Ma

Gippsland Campus, Federation University
Research Interests: The nature of science/technology and its role in school science/technology curriculum at different levels; effective learning in science and relevant teacher knowledge; cross-cultural understanding of aforementioned issues.
[2010-2015] Link

Keasty sm bg
Lecturer Stephen Keast [Retired]
Clayton Campus, Faculty of Education
Research Interests:
Pedagogy of teacher education, teacher professional wisdom, teacher research, science teaching, Slowmation and applications of ICT in the classroom.

Ian sm bg
Senior Lecturer Ian Mitchell, OAM [Retired]
Clayton Campus, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Research Interests:
Purposeful teaching activities that scaffold students conceptual development, teaching to encourage quality learning through creating more informed, purposeful, intellectually active, independent and metacognitive students. Exploring teacher change, action research and ‘big ideas’ in science.