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Producer/Director: Anna Grieve DOP/Editor: Claire Gorman Production/Sound: Martin Potter Tracklay/Mix: David Briceno

Harvesting sunshine – Doug MacFarlane

Music: London Trios, No. 1 In C Major Haydn Continue Life – Kevin Macleod

Capturing the clouds – Christian Jakob

Music: Luminous Rain – Kevin Macleod

Seed without sex – John Bowman

Music: As I Figure – Kevin Macleod

Mathemagician – Burkard Polster

Music: Slower And Inner Light, Hidden Agenda – Kevin Macleod

A better place – David Paganin

Music: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 In G Major Bach

Whatever lies beneath – Peter Betts

Music: Dirt Rhodes – Kevin Macleod

Inside the stars – John Lattanzio

Music: My Biggest Fan – Loudon Wainwright III Fun In A Bottle & Sancho Panza Gets A Latte – Kevin Macleod

Exploring the answers – Kate Smith-Miles

Music: String Quartet No. 6 In B Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 6 – I. Allegro Beethoven

Deciphering the world – Marion Anderson

Music: Etude No. 6 Regondi

Thanks to all the fish – Bob Wong

Music: White Lotus – Kevin Macleod

Life in the Oceans – Richard Reina

Music: Life of Riley – Kevin Macleod

Future Imaging – Bayden Wood

Music: Bushwick Tarantella – Kevin Macleod

Designer Molecules – Andrea Robinson

Music: Frost Waltz – Kevin Macleod

Making the connection – Michael Fuhrer

Music: Perspectives – Kevin Macleod

Absolutely Cool Atoms – Kristian Helmerson

Music: Slow Burn – Kevin Macleod

Frozen in Time – Jeff Stilwell

Music: Earth Prelude – Kevin Macleod

Meteorite hunter – Andy Tomkins

Music: Crossing the divide – Kevin Macleod

Across the universe – Yuri Levin

Music: Tango de Manzana – Kevin Macleod 3D model of the HUDF galaxies. Animation: NASA, ESA, F. Summers, Z. Levay, L. Frattare, B. Mobasher, A. Koekemoer and the HUDF Team (STScI) 3D movie of the stellar orbits in the central parsec. UCLA Galactic Center Group and the W.M. Keck Observatory Laser Team. These images/animations were created by Prof. Andrea Ghez and her research team at UCLA and are from data sets obtained with the W. M. Keck Telescopes.

Directing Light – Kaye Morgan

Music: Sardana – Kevin Macleod Ripples – Kevin Macleod

Mosquito-borne – Beth McGraw

Music: Backed Vibes (clean) – ­ Kevin Macleod Clear Waters – Kevin Macleod

Downstream – Mike Grace

Music : ‘Julia Florida (Barcarolle)’ ­ Edson Lopes

Outside the Box – Scott O’Neill

Music : ‘Pale Rider’ ­ Kevin MacLeod

Going South – Steven Chown

Music: Impromptu in Blue, Bumba Crossing, The Snow Queen – Kevin MacLeod

Follow the Birds – Anne Peters

Music: ‘Eroica Trio’ -Mozart
Purple wren footage courtesy of


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Amanda Place Amanda Place writes stories about people and their passions. She specialises in revealing and then conveying the compelling yarn every person has to tell. As a journalist, Amanda has covered major health and medical research stories for 30 years including Australia’s first IVF baby; the first heart/lung transplants and the successful separation of con-joined twins. Amanda was also a feature writer at The Age for 16 years when she wrote a health feature each week as well as two columns The Two of Us and Our Place. She is the author of A life well lived – A decade of palliative care. This book explored the experiences and reflections of people who were in their last weeks or days of life. It was the first book of its type, with a uniquely Australian perspective, exploring thoughts on death and dying. Families coming to terms with palliative care have used it extensively over the last five years. Amanda has won several awards including a UN Peace Prize for a story on multiculturalism, the European School of Oncology International Media Award and the Australasian Reporting Award for St Vincent’s Health’s 2008 annual report.