Mathematical Sciences

From beautiful abstractions to world-changing models, mathematics matters.
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Statistical mechanics unblock roads

traffic at night

Did you know Monash mathematicians are working with other industry leaders to reduce traffic congestion on our roads? Read more about how mathematics is helping to solve real world problems.

Have you ever wondered how the weather is forecast? It is true we use computers, but behind these computers are people – mathematicians – who use mathematical expressions of well-known physical laws to develop computer-based models to predict weather patterns.

Mathematics at Monash is driving an exciting program to harness and strengthen the mathematical capabilities of Monash University to support colleagues from varied disciplines to achieve their breakthroughs. Mathematics is supporting the Monash Bionic Vision project, assisting research by modelling the spread of fire-ants and studying cancer cell motility under radiation. At the same time these cross-disciplinary projects generate important mathematical questions to tackle, ensuring a legacy of future contributions.