Science at Monash

Science changes mysteries into knowledge. It answers the big questions, like: What does an electric field "look" like? Why do women live longer than men? How can soil help us achieve sustainability?

Science at Monash works through frontiers via its research and teaching, and through our partnerships with industry, government and individual supporters.



Biological Sciences

Explore life on Earth at the School of Biological Sciences.


Create sparks at the School of Chemistry.


Investigate the ground beneath your feet at the School of Geosciences.

Mathematical Sciences

Explore the infinite at the School of Mathematical Sciences.


Learn the secrets of the universe at the School of Physics.


Meet world-class researchers at the School of Science.


Leading university

We're a member of the Group of Eight, a coalition of Australia's top universities, excelling in research and education. This year, the research at three of our schools was recognised in the top tier for research-intensive Australian universities.

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Support our work

This year we were the proud recipients of over $32 million for research from government, industry and benefactors. If you're a graduate, there are lots of ways you can also help nurture the next generation of scientists.

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