What's happening in Chemistry?

Our new laboratories, to be opened at the end of 2014, will be purpose-built high-tech laboratories armed with collaborative learning spaces and modern IT facilities. Read more.

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Chemistry is leading the Monash-Warwick Alliance, a new and innovative model for research-led institutions to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. It aims to produce sought after graduates with a global education.

Chemistry has recently been ranked 31st in the world QS rankings which take into account reputation with the world’s employers.

What's happening in Chemistry?

Welcome Professor Philip Chan!

In partnership with the Monash-Warwick Alliance, Professor Chan will take up the role of Professor of Sustainable Chemistry. In this role, he will be pursuing the development of new green and sustainable catalytic strategies for complex molecule synthesis and their potential applications in the fields of natural products, functional materials synthesis and drug discovery. Philip joins us from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Prof Philip Chan

What's happening in Chemistry?

Welcome Professor Tina Overton!

Professor Overton is a world-class expert in chemical education, chairing a number of international ChemEd panels. She has published on the topics of critical thinking, context and problem-based learning and their role in developing conceptual understanding and cognitive skills and the development of problem solving skills and has co-authored several textbooks. Tina joins us from the University of Hull."

Professor Tina Overton

What's happening in Chemistry?

Congratulations to Prof

Congratulations! Professor Cameron Jones has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's coveted Frankland Award! He is also the recipient of the RACI's HG Smith medal, awarded annually to a member who has contributed most to the development of a branch of chemical science. Read more.

And Congratulations to Professor Milton Hearn who has been awarded the prestigious 2015 American Chemical Society Award in Chromatography.

What's happening in Chemistry?

Congratulations to Prof Doug MacFarlane

Congratulations: to Professor Leone Spiccia who has been awarded the Helmholtz International Fellow Award. He is also the winner of the 2013 RACI Burrows Award and a newly elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor Doug MacFarlane who has been appointed as the 2014 RSC Australasian and Dr David Lupton who is the 2013 winner of the RACI Rennie Medal

What's happening in Chemistry?

The School of Chemistry has partnered with BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, to bring BASF Kids’ Lab to Melbourne.

The program encourages children aged 6 to 12 to experience the dynamic and fascinating world of chemistry through engaging experiments coupled with interactive Q&A and demonstrations.

BASF Kids’ Lab was developed to help children explore and understand the important role chemistry plays in their everyday life through fun, safe and hands-on experiments.

The program was established at BASF’s global headquarters in Germany in 1997 and is currently available in 35 countries worldwide.

For more information about BASF Kids’ Lab, please visit Facebook

BASF Kids’ Lab

What's happening in Chemistry?

Monash Chemistry is the first Department in Australia with international accreditation.

Both our BSc(Hons) and BSciAdv(Hons) students with a major in chemistry are accredited by both the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in the UK and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). We are the first Institution in Australia to hold joint accreditation and the fourth internationally to be accredited outside of the UK for our degree programs. This dual accreditation strengthens our reputation, makes our programs internationally recognised and enhances employment opportunities for our graduates in a global market.

Come and be part of a chemistry department that thinks globally.

Monash Chemistry is the first Department in Australia with international accreditation.

About us

Our School provides world’s best practice in chemical education and training through access to an intellectual environment with world-class facilities for research in the chemical sciences. We have a broad research base that emphasises the chemistry of sustainability and strengths in materials, synthetic, analytical and green chemistry. Read more

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Driving Innovation

The Chemicals and Plastics Innovation Network and Training Program Driving Innovation

Monash has world class capability internationally in the chemical sciences with recent Australian investments exceeding $100M for the Green Chemical Futures facility and the Victorian Centre for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing. This partnership will act as a catalyst for innovation with industry to produce a new generation of scientists, with business acumen and best practice knowledge to champion globally relevant innovation and add value to industry.


Our stories

New Imaging Capabilities

Two of the School’s youngest academic staff have set up state-of-the-art imaging facilities to help study biological systems.

Our stories

Green manufacturing

Green manufacturing

The $24.9 million Victorian Centre for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing, led by Monash and CSIRO, will boost efforts for greener manufacturing in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Bayden Wood

Malaria Diagnosis

Bayden Wood presented a breakthrough in malaria diagnosis piece on ABC24. You can now watch it on-line.

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Dr Chris Thompson, First Year Coordinator and Education-Focused Academic.

Changing the way we teach

Our First Year units have undergone significant changes in leading to a collaborative educational experience. If you are thinking of a degree that involves chemistry, click here.