Professor Alan Bond

Professor Alan Bond

R. L. Martin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Federation Fellow

Alan Bond

Professor Bond is the recipient of more than 20 distinguished awards which include the senior prizes of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute in Inorganic Chemistry (Burrows Medal), Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry (Stokes Medal), as well as the most prestigious H.G. Smith Medal offered by that institute. Receiving senior awards in three key disciplines in Chemistry is probably unique in Australian chemistry. The award of the year 2000 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Faraday Medal, the Robert Boyle 150th Anniversary Fellowship, the Oxford University Hinshelwood Lectureship, the 2005 Reilley Medal and an Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship, are other examples of recognition that testify to the international and national contributions in the fundamental aspects of the discipline. Election to the Australian Academy of Science and its Council again indicates high peer regard as a scientist. Memberships of Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), American Chemical Society and 18 International Editorial Boards, encompassing disciplines such as Surface Science, Computing, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry, again reflect the breadth of interest and knowledge which is the foundation for a successful Electrochemistry research group. Research programmes sponsored by industry and the Australian Research Council have led to significant commercial developments. Professor Bond is the co-holder of 7 patents.

Current research projects include the development of ion sensors, Fourier Transform AC voltammetry, photosynthetic mimics and ionic liquids.

Alan Bond recieving Reily Award
Reilly Award

Alan Bond being presented with the Reilley Award at the March 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA Pittcon.
Left: with Stephen Feldberg and Henry White.
Right: Mark Wightman, David Cliffel, Royce Murray, Henry White and Stephen Feldberg