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January  2015:

Happy new year everyone! Click here for some pictures from the recent Science Communicators Workshop that Alison, Mega and Ciaran attended.


December 2014:

Best wishes to everyone as we leave for the Christmas break. Have a happy and safe holiday and see you all in the new year!


We said goodbye this week to 2 visitors, Prof Osman and Dr Ramanan Samasundara. Best of luck in the future, and we hope to see you again soon


Aminah and Azila GraduatingTwo of our students graduated this week, Dr Siti Aminah Mohd Noor and Dr Azila Idris. Congratulations!


We currently have Prof Hasnah Osman from University Sains Malaysia visiting our group. We look forward to an interesting scientific exchange!


We also welcome some new additions to the group: Chris Kotzur (new PhD) and Raimund Koerver (visiting MSc student from Germany). Also, another PhD student, Azila Idris, has had her PhD thesis accepted. Congratulations!


November 2014:

Coupling with Dr Li's recent paper, Prof MacFarlane has written a piece on Artificial Photosynthesis. Head over to for a read. 

Congratulations to Aminah Mohd Noor, who has had her thesis accepted and will be graduating soon! Also, two more of our PhD students have submitted their thesis, Mega Kar and Matthew Gustafson. Good luck! 


October 2014:

Congraulations to Bartolmeij Kolodziejczyk on winning the International Student of the Year - Research Award! This award will provide a scholarship to fund extra study and training for Bartolmeij.


Some more visitors have joined the group recently - Welcome Dr Hancheng Zhou, Mr Azhar Shah and Dr Anne Willert.


Congratulations to PhD student Aminah Mohd Noor who recently submitted, and will be heading to Malaysia this week. Best of luck with your future studies.


Most of the Monash ILs group has been at APCIL-ASIL conference in Sydney this week. Congratulations to PhD student Alison Chong on winning the poster prize!


September 2014:

Congratulations to PhD student Matthew Gustafson who recently submitted. Best of luck! 


Also, Prof MacFarlane and many of the ILs group will be at the APCIL-ASIL conference at the end of this month. Hopefully we'll see many of you there!

Have a look at Doug's video "Harvesting Sunshine", part of the Monash University Science Stories series.


August 2014:

Farewell to visiting Assoc. Prof. Rana, who has just finished his month-long stay with us. Also, welcome to Dr. Hisashi Kukobo, visiting again from YNU.


In other news, the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science had its launch ceremony recently at the University of Wollongong. 


July 2014:

The group would like to welcome two new Research Fellows, Andrew and Tristan, who are joining the group to work on electrochemistry in ionic liquids.


June-July 2014:

Prof MacFarlane is currently away in Europe, and will be back mid July.



You can now follow Professor MacFarlane and the Monash ILs group on twitter @DRMacFarlane 


May 2014:


Gary, Kun and Bartek participated in the Monash Global Walk, encouraging staff and students to keep an active lifestyle while at uni.  


May 2014:

Professor MacFarlane will be away for a week, visiting colleagues at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Professor Tom Welton visited Monash, giving an insightful talk on ionic liquid mixtures, and spending some time with the ionic liquid students.


April 2014:

Happy Easter, everyone!


March 2014:

The Ionic Liquids group will be co-hosting the Monash Postgraduate Electrochemical Conference and Workshop 2014, on March 25th. Please click here for more details.

Thanks to Prof Ohno and Prof Chiba who came to visit our laboratories this month. It was a pleasure to have them and their associates from TUAT.







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