Professor Phil Andrews

Phil Andrews

BSc(Hons), Phd (Strathclyde), GCHE
Room: 12 N (Bld 23)
Phone: +61 3 9905 5509
Fax: +61 3 9905 4597
Website: Personal Website

Professional Associations

  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Royal Society of Chemistry

Research Group

Phil Andrews Research Group

Research Areas

  • Main Group Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis, Structure and Application
    • Novel chiral main group metal organometallic and amido complexes in asymmetric synthesis
    • Synthesis and structural studies of homo- and hetero-bimetallic main group metal complexes
    • Investigations into the synthesis, structure and stability of novel heavy p-block metal complexes
  • Medical Imaging
    • New bismuth and rare-earth based contrast media for optical and radiographic imaging
  • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Development of new bioactive bismuth compounds as anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and anti-microbial agents
    • Development of new metallo-drugs for combating Leishmania
    • Cellular uptake and bio-distribution of Bi(III)
  • Green and Sustainable Chemistry
    • Solvent-free and microwave assisted metal mediated syntheses
    • New catalysts for sustainable chemistry

Current Research Funding

ARC Discovery Grants

  • DP110103812
    Bio-inspired Chemistry of Novel Metal-Organic Bismuth Compounds
    (Andrews, Junk, Ferrero, Kedzierski)
  • DP110104006
    Early Main Group Organometallic Complexes and their role in Asymmetric Synthesis
    (Andrews, Bull)

ARC Linkage Grant

  • LP0776957
    Development and Testing of Novel Contrast Agents for Diagnostic Imaging
    (Andrews, Junk, Deacon, Silberstein)

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Education and Teaching Responsibilities

Associate Head - Education

Unit Coordinator: CHM3941 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Teaching: Level 1: CHM1022 - Chemistry
Level 3: CHM3941 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Key Collaborations and Research Centres