2014 Honours Projects and Supervisors

Supervisor Scientific Expertise
Dr. Laurent Allieres Structural Geophysics and 3D Modelling
A/Prof. Peter Betts Structural Geophysics & Precambrian Tectonics
Dr. Barrie Bolton Environmental geochemistry and economic geology
Dr. Fabio Capitanio Geodynamics and Basin Analysis
Prof. Ian Cartwright Environmental Isotopes and Geochemistry
Prof. Sandy Cruden  Experimental tectonics and Structural geology
Prof. Mike Hall Structural Geology and Basin Analysis
Dr. Patrick Hayman Physical volcanology, Economic geology, Sedimentology
Dr. Simon Jowitt Economic geology, Geochemistry and Mineral Exploration
Prof. Reid Keays Economic Geology and Geochemistry
Dr. Chris Mays Palaeoecology, Palynology and Biostratigraphy
Prof. Louis Moresi Geodynamics and Numerical methods for geophysical fluid dynamics
Dr. Ian Nicholls Igneous Petrology & Geochemistry
Prof. Pat Vickers-Rich Palaeobiology, Biostratigraphy and Palaeoclimatology
Dr. Wouter Schellart Geodynamic modelling, Plate tectonics and Subduction
A/Prof. Jeff Stilwell Systematic and Applied Palaeontology
Dr. Andy Tomkins Economic Geology & Planetary Science
A/Prof. Roberto Weinberg Structural Geology, Granites & Crustal Fluid Flow
Dr. Sasha Wilson Environmental mineralogy and Geochemistry