Undergraduate Studies

As an undergraduate student there are a number of courses that will allow you to complete a major or minor sequence in geosciences. Most students wishing to complete a major or minor in geosciences will enrol in the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Environmental Sciences. Most degrees will be from the Faculty of Science but other faculties have degrees that allow study in geosciences. For further information regarding single and double degrees that will allow you to include geosciences as part of your degree please refer to that faculty’s website.

In order to specialise in Geosciences you are required to complete a required number of geoscience units (ESC) over the duration of your degree, this is known as completing a major or minor  sequence. This is a requirement of all science degrees at Monash. The way to do this is to complete what is known as sequences, please refer to the university handbook for examples of a geoscience major.