Recent Media

Dr Leo Brewinwas interviwed by Peter Spinks of The Age as part of a series on Science Matters (9 December 2011):

Dr Daniel Delbourgowrote an article for the The Conversation on the Millenium Prize (1 December 2011):

Prof. Christian Jakobhas recently contributed two articles to the The Conversation one on climate modelling (14 November 2011):

and one extreme weather (18 November 2011):

Prof Paul Callyis interviewed by the Australian Financial Review on the 11 year solar cycle (15 September 2011):

Dr Duncan Galloway receives media coverage for the possibility that a planet has been found in our Milky Way galaxy that may be made entirely of diamond (26 August 2011):

In the Channel Ten Scope Episode from 20 August 2011, Assoc Prof Steve Siems explains the processof cloud seeding:

Dr Andrew Prentice is interviewed by ABC Science about Saturn's moon, Enceladus:

In its 4 April 2011 issue, The Age features the involvement of Dr Andrew Prentice with the planet Mercury and the NASA Messenger spacecraft:

Dr Allie Ford authored a feature article "Searching for ET — what odds?" in the October 2010 edition (vol. 6, no. 7, issue 48) of the Australian Sky and Telescope magazine

Prof Joe Monaghan has received some media coverage on his research finding that the disappearances of air and sea craft in the Bermuda triangle are likely due to large methane gas bubbles rising from the ocean floor:

Article from

Dr Burkard Polster and Dr Marty Ross continue their popular Maths Masters column in The Age newspaper

Their Maths Masters clip in the Scope episode of Channel 10 on 28 August 2010 can be watched here.

Dr Malcolm Clark’s research on the effects of global warming on spring flowering has attracted international media attention 

Poster from the International Conference on Phenology, Edinburgh, April 2010 

The Helix magazine, the bimonthly magazine of CSIRO’sDouble Helix Science Club targeted atages 10 and above, featuresthe partnership of Ms Sue Ditchfield and Dr Christian Rau in the Mathematicians in Schools Program

Helix Article (April/May 2010, issue 131, page 20)

Associate Professor Steve Siems'work on cloud seeding to produce more rain was featured on the ABC TV show Catalyst on 15th October 2009

Dr Rosemary Mardling was featured on the ABC show Catalyst: Exoplanets on 10 September 2009

Dr Andrew Prentice was featured in the ABC News in Science on 30 July 2009 in the article: Saturn’s day shorter by five minutes.