Scholarships, Subsidies and Awards for Undergraduate Students

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Scholarships available in the Undergraduate programme

Summer Vacation Scholarships for third year students

The School of Mathematical Sciences will be offering several Summer Vacation Scholarships on a competitive basis for the summer vacation period. Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

You MUST apply for these summer vacation scholarships through the Monash Scholarships website at: FINAL closing date for the applications for projects at the School of Mathematical Sciences is normallyin early October.

Currently, these summer vacation scholarships will carry a stipend of $380 per week for up to six weeks (dates flexible) and are primarily aimed at students who have completed three years of an appropriate undergraduate degree, and may be entering Honours in the subsequent year, though exceptional second year students about to enter third year may also be considered.

Recipients must be an Australian permanent resident. The recipients of the awards are to be determined by the School on the basis of academic merit.

Please visit the Monash Scholarships website at: check the list of summer Vacation Projects currently on offer and for the contact details of the supervisors if you wish to discuss any project. This listis usually updated in August each year.

Scholarships available in the Honours programme

School of Mathematical Sciences Honours Scholarships

The School of Mathematical Sciences offers Honours Scholarships for incoming honours applicants who have obtained an average mark of at least 85 in 24 points of relevant level-three units as required for honours entry.

In addition to the above requirements students must also have obtained a final mark of 70 in each individual undergraduate unit in mathematical sciences that counted towards completion of their degree.

For students who meet the above requirements and who have received an average mark of at least 90 in these units, the value of this award is $2,500.

For students who meet the above requirements and who have received an average mark of 85 – 89 in these units, the value of this award is $2,000.

You do not need to apply for these scholarships: when you submit your honours application you will be registered for these scholarships through Monash Scholarships Unit automatically.

To determine if you are eligible for these scholarships, please see the information at and

AMSI Summer School subsidies

To help cover travel and accommodation expenses at the Summer School, AMSI normally offerssubsidies for which students from any AMSI member institution may apply. More details can be found at

Scholarships for Postgraduate students

Statistics PhD studies

PhD studies in Financial Mathematics at CMSS and CSIRO. For more information,clickhere (pdf).

Scholarships for graduate studies in Mathematics, Statistics, Astrophysics, and Atmospheric Science

If you are interested in doing a postgraduate research degree in mathematics,statistics, astrophysics, or atmospheric science, contact us NOW. Applicationsfor scholarships normally close at the end of October for bothAustralian and international applicants. To obtain information aboutapplying pleasesend an email to Professor John Lattanzio,and tell us about yourself and your interests.

Note that local applicants will need a first class honours degree in a relevant field.International applicants will require qualifications deemed to be equivalent, and may beasked to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the level required by the Faculty of Science.

Details of the scholarship schemes may be found here.


An applicant should hold an Honours H1 or a qualificationdeemed equivalent by the Research Graduate School Committee. A copy of the H1 Equivalenceform should be attached for submission if your qualification requires assessment.


An applicant must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen.

Other conditions:

The APA/MGS conditions of award and any special conditions applying to APA (Industry)scholarships only is outlined in the ScholarshipsConditions of Awardwhich will be provided with the formal offer of award sent to the candidate.

All other APA conditions relating, for example, to prior qualifications, prior candidature,prior awards, allowances, leave entitlements, employment, research overseas, research atother organisations, concurrent courses, termination, ethics approval, annual reports, etc.will also apply.