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Details are provided in the course regulations under Faculty of Science in the University Undergraduate Guide to Courses.

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When considering which units might be taken for a minor or major sequence, it should always be recognised that the choice of level-one and level-two units may affect significantly what may be taken at level three, because most units have prerequisites from the previous level or semester. Students should also note that most level-two and three units are only offered in one semester each year and that some level-two and three units may not be offered every year.

In all minor and major sequences there are compulsory units that must be taken but most sequences have some flexibility and allow the selection of elective units. When choosing units there are also some recommendations on when subjects are normally taken and which combinations of elective units are appropriate — see the relevant handbook page for details (scrolling down to the Additional Information header on that page). Care must be taken to ensure that minimum requirements for these sequences are followed but by choosing combinations judiciously, students can leave their options open for study across a range of areas in mathematics and related disciplines in later years. It is strongly recommended that students considering enrolling in other unit combinations discuss these with the appropriate Year Coordinator before re-enrolment, or ask at the Faculty of Science office.

How to make a choice of units

Before completing re-enrolment it is recommended that you

  • choose the major or minor sequence that is closest to your area of interest;
  • read the outlines of the units that you will need to take for this;
  • identify any different or additional units that you may like to take;
  • consult the relevant Year Coordinator, or the Faculty of Science office, if you intend to replace any recommended units with your own choices (to help prevent subsequent difficulties due to missing prerequisites).