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Details are provided in the course regulations under Faculty of Science in the University Undergraduate Guide to Courses.

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The special unit MTH3000 Mathematics Research Project Level 3 is offered principally for high-achieving students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Science Scholars Program: Course Code 1120) and the Bachelor of Science Advanced with Honours (Course Code 3520) courses, but high-achieving students in other science courses can also apply to undertake it. MTH3000 involves the completion of an individual research project chosen from a range of areas of mathematics and statistics, including astrophysics, atmospheric science, dynamics, chaos, computing algorithm design, industrial mathematics, number theory, logic and meteorology, under the personal supervision of a member of academic staff in the School. At least two level-3 mathematics units must normally have been completed prior to MTH3000, and all enrolments must be individually approved by the unit coordinator Dr Jerome Droniou (Jermone.Droniou@monash.edu), usually close to the start of the semester in which it will be taken.

MTH3000 is offered in both first and second semester, and is also available in summer semester in some circumstances.

In special cases, authorised by the Head of the School of Mathematical Sciences on an individual basis, third-year students may also be able to count other assessable material towards their Mathematics major as MTH3401/MTH3402 Special Topics in Mathematics. Typically, it is limited to very high-achieving students and only if other available level-3 mathematics units have already been taken.

Students interesting in taking MTH3401 or MTH3402 should contact the unit coordinator Associate Professor Michael Page via email (Michael.Page@monash.edu) for further information.