International backing for promising Alzheimer’s treatment

The development of a new drug that could both halt the development and alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease has been backed by a leading European pharmaceutical company.

French pharmaceutical company Servier has thrown its support behind research by Monash University, St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health into developing drugs that target the protein Insulin-Regulated AminoPeptidase (IRAP).

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Physiology is the science of life itself – the study of how living organisms function in health and disease. It examines how they are born and develop, how they adapt when challenged by stresses such as environmental extremes or changes in disease states, and what happens when they die. From nerves to muscles, from brains to hormones, from the molecular and cellular to the organ and body systems levels, physiology is concerned with the integrated function of the whole body.

Physiology is a central biomedical science and informs many other disciplines.

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Why study physiology at Monash?

We are a leading Department of Physiology, both nationally and internationally. The Department has produced six fellows of the Australian Academy of Sciences. Our research is focussed around areas that address modern day issues of health and disease. These include:

  • obesity and diabetes
  • cardiovascular and kidney physiology
  • cognitive neurosciences
  • integrative neurosciences, including the peripheral nervous system
  • neuroendocrinology, in relation to reproduction, stress and homeostasis.

The courses

Undergraduate single degrees

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours)
Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours)

Double degrees

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Global Studies
Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of ScienceĀ 
Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education (Honours)
Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Bachelor Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Science


Honours degree of Bachelor of Science