Our stories

Monash Science is home to research and teaching at the forefront of its field – the work of its people changes lives, shapes our conversation and provides new ways to view and understand our world.

For the first time, these researchers have shared their stories; the forces that drive them, the ideas that inspire them and the legacy they want to leave. View them now

Our stories

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Where will Science take you?

A degree in Science at Monash can lead to amazing opportunities in a wide range of careers and industries.

Discover the possibilities here! 

Where will Science take you?

Biological Sciences

New technologies are making the secrets of life more accessible.


Chemistry has gone green. We're designing new chemical products that are non-toxic, energy-efficient and waste-free.

Earth, Atmosphere & Environment

Earth, Atmosphere & Environment - from the Earth's core to the atmosphere.

Mathematical Sciences

Over the centuries, mathematics has underpinned some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs.

Physics & Astronomy

Revolutions in physics have already given us the laser and the computer revolution. What could you bring to it?

Connect with us

Whether you're a student considering science or a multinational keen to harness our research, feel free to contact us.