Whether it's a parasitic problem for biodiversity, the weather on Black Saturday, or the origins of life, our enquiring minds are on the case.

Revolutionising climate change research

Scientists have developed a new diagnostic tool that will enable better understanding of global climate patterns.

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Associate Professor Burkard Polster

Burkard Polster from the School of Mathematical Sciences is committed to mathematics, education and outreach. His research interests include finite and topological geometry, combinatorial designs, and the history of mathematics.

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Tornados in Australia?

There is a long-standing myth that Australia doesn't get tornadoes. This simply isn't true, says Dr Hamish Ramsay from the School of Mathematics.

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Professor Doug MacFarlane

Professor Doug MacFarlane is the program leader of the Energy Program in the Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science. His areas of interest include materials chemistry, ionic liquids, solar cells, and batteries.