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Monash Science is home to researchers at the forefront of their field - people whose work changes lives, shapes our conversation and provides new ways to view and understand the world.

Their work – exploring the way atoms behave, understanding the inside of stars, conserving waterways, cultivating cures for disease, studying behaviour – doesn’t just take place in a lab. Our people are part of vibrant, complex groups who can be found across the globe, finding answers to some of the most challenging questions we as a human race can imagine.

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Monash Science Stories is a digital platform devoted to portraying, via words and video, the rich tapestry of human stories that form the heart of the Monash University Science community.

The documentary-style films and written stories provide a deep insight into the passion, intelligence, diversity and expertise of the people who make up Monash Science’s research and teaching core.

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Research degrees

Monash Science offers a broad range of research degrees, so you can find the path that best suits your intellectual and vocational passions.

Through supervised research, you will be a member of a dynamic community of scholars and contribute to the advancement of knowledge within your specialist area.

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