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Disability Services assists students with disability, medical or mental health conditions to study at Monash.

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Campus locations

Information for registered students

There are many programs and services offered across Monash to all students which may assist in your studies.

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Services and resources

  • Academic support workers
  • Alternatively formatting of course material
  • Alternative arrangements for assessment
  • Assistive equipment and software
  • Peer mentoring

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Information for staff

How can staff support students with disability at Monash

  • accessible course materials
  • inclusive teaching and support

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What our students say


'I registered with Disability Services at the very start and they assisted with arranging support services for my classes.  The support included notetakers and alternative exam arrangements'

Jennifer Severs - Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Biomedical Science




What our students say


'I met with Disability Services at the start of my time at Monash.  They organised my exams so that I had a bit of extra time.  Aside from that I was pretty much mainstreamed with everyone else'

Mark Russi - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy





What our students say


'Disability Services organised a notetaker to attend classes with me and initiated a volunteer service where other students assisted me with things like navigating the campus and help me with shopping'.

Fred Ochieng - Master of Education