We have Monash campuses in Australia, Malaysia and South Africa.

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Your safety is important to us

Whether you're planning to go on safari in Africa, walkabout in the red centre, canoe through Malaysia's Lake Kenyir, or just walk to class, health and travel insurance are a must.

Monash have exchange agreements with more than 100 universities all over the world.

We make it easy for you to polish your Mandarin and buseco skills in China, walk in the footsteps of the masters in Italy, teach literacy skills to local kids with Oxfam in South Africa or work in the office of the United States Congress in Washington DC.

The sky is the limit – so why not find out where you can go and what you can do.

What's it really like?

Find out how the difference between poco and pico got Liza into trouble in Chile, what Emily learned in Tanzania – aside from finding out she’s allergic to lions, and why going on exchange has been the best decision Ruth’s made at university.

Studying overseas with us is really easy – because you're already part of the Monash family.

So why not team your Monash degree with learning to surf at Bells Beach, canoeing through Malaysia's Lake Kenyir or wandering through the historically significant Africana Museum? Find out more about our other Monash campuses.

The Monash Prato Centre in Italy

Architecture, design, archaeology, music and law are just some of the things you could study at the Monash Prato Centre in the heart of medieval Italy.

Gelato in Prato anyone?

Every Monash campus has a whole host of student services to make your exchange as fun and worry-free as possible. Take advantage of language exchange and support, get involved in clubs and associations on campus, and stay in tip top shape by joining Team Monash or the campus gym.

And if you need anything else while overseas, the Monash Abroad team are here to help.

Get in the know before you go

Before you head off on your big adventure you'll need to attend a pre-departure session – there you'll meet potential travel buddies, and get info about enrolment, cultural adjustment and how to access your scholarship.

What our students say

Anders Budde on campus at Monash in Melbourne

“I’d recommend coming to Monash anytime. The campus facilities are really great, everything is well structured and the academic level is good. And the best part – Monash is located in incredibly cool Melbourne.”

Anders Budde, Monash University Australia

What our students say

Emily Koop and a friend volunteering in Tanzania

“I have had so many good times, so many life-changing experiences here. South Africa has been my home-away-from-home, my comfort zone, my base, while travelling the rest of Africa. I have a place here.”

Emily Koop, Monash South Africa

What our students say

Ruth Clifford catching the train in Birmingham, UK

“The countryside around Warwick is stunning, and Warwick is a great university – I've only been here a few weeks and already it feels like home! It's very welcoming and the staff and students are really friendly and helpful.”

Ruth Clifford, University of Warwick

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