Changes to your Monash login

We're continuously strengthening security and privacy for all staff and students, by changing our login platform and processes.

The new look of the Monash login page is just the first step in introducing a multi-factor authentication (MFA) login. This will be rolled out across all Monash applications, including your email, calendar, and accounts.

Monash users are invited to register for MFA before it becomes mandatory later this year. If you use the Monash Virtual Private Network (VPN), we encourage you to register for MFA now to ensure seamless access.

What has changed?

There are three changes to the login process:

  1. The URL has changed from to
    We’ve partnered with a company called Okta for our login services, which is why their name appears in the URL.
  2. The look of the page has changed.

  3. okta screen grab

  4. You will need to register for multi-factor authentication using your mobile device. For full instructions, see Register for multi-factor authentication.

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