Register for MFA and login from China

Many Google services are unavailable in China, which means the app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store and push notifications on Android devices do not work. Apple devices don’t have these restrictions.

You'll first need to install the Okta Verify app. Some local wi-fi networks may block access required to set-up MFA Okta. It is best to follow these instructions on your 4G phone network.

  1. Allow the phone to receive application installation files from sources other than the normal Play or App store.
  2. Go to settings to allow applications to be installed from unknown sources
    • You can swipe down on the notification bar at the top of your phone display, then tap on the top right settings icon
    • Or search the internet on how to get to your phone settings
    • In earlier versions you can ‘Select Security’ then turn ‘Unknown sources’ to enabled
  3. Download the Okta Verify app
    • On later Android versions you can download the application via your web browser and then install the software from your ‘My files’ or ‘File viewer’ software. In this case, you would be prompted to ‘allow application installation from this source’ or you can ‘search’ the settings for ‘Install Unknown Apps’ to enable that application to install an android application.
  4. Install the Okta Verify app on your Android device
  5. Visit
  6. You'll see the following screen. Click Next.
  7. You’ll see the following screen. Click Register now
  8. Select the Android icon and click Next
  9. Click Can’t scan?
  10. Change the top drop down box to Setup manually without push notification and note the Secret Key
  11. On your smartphone open the Okta Verify app
  12. Click the + symbol to add a registration
  13. Click on the No barcode? button and enter in your University email address as the username and your Secret Key generated in step 10
  14. On your web browser, click Next.
  15. You will be asked for a code from the Okta Verify app to confirm the registration. Then click Verify
  16. All done! You'll see the following screen confirming that your registration is complete.

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