Request a shared S:Drive

To create an S:Drive for you and your team to use, submit a request with Service Desk or use the Raise a Service Request button below.

Please provide the following:

Details requiredExample
Name of the share to be created (see below for naming conventions)Reception-Scans
Name of the area or team the folder is to be created under (see below for naming conventions)Caulfield-Library
The owner or authoriser for access to this dataJohn Smith
List of users who require accessJane Smith, Peter Citizen
Whether the data is research data or notNon-Research Data

The name of the share and the area or team the folder is to be created under, must adhere to the following naming conventions:

  • Only numbers, letters and hyphens
  • Not case sensitive
  • Each name no more than 20 characters long (for a total of 40 characters)

The name of the share shouldn't repeat information used in the name of the area it's created under.  Service Desk will advise you on how to adjust a share name if necessary once your request is received.

You can provide a list of users who require access to the Service Desk as part of your request, or you can manage access to this share yourself once it's been created.

Once we have created your new S:Drive, an email will be sent to you confirming the details. It can take up to one hour after successful creation for your share to appear on the S:Drive mapped on your desktop.

No luck? Get in touch and we'll help you out.

Raise a service request