Change your eduroam username: macOS

  1. Click on the wireless icon on the top menu bar and select Open Network Preferences…
    Open network preferences screen
  2. In Network Preferences, select Wi-Fi (you may have to click the padlock if locked).
    Wi-Fi screen
  3. If prompted, enter your administrator credentials (for your Mac) and click Modify Configuration.
    Advanced screen
  4. Click Advanced...
    Preferred Networks screen
  5. From the Preferred Networks list, select eduroam, click - (the minus sign), then click OK (the window will close automatically).
    Network Preferences screen
  6. In Network Preferences, click Apply and close the window.
    Turn Wi-Fi Off
  7. Click on the Wireless Icon, then select Turn Wi-Fi Off. Next, click Turn Wi-Fi On.
    Turn wi-fi offTurn wi-fi on
  8. Click the wireless icon and select eduroam.
    Wireless network screen
  9. Enter these details:
    • Mode = Automatic
    • Username = your Monash email address
    • Password = your Monash account password

    then click Join.
    Enterprise credentials screen

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