Connect to eduroam wi-fi: macOS

Go to System Preferences, Network and select Advanced.

  1. Click the Wi-Fi ico  and select eduroam

    Screenshot of menu with eduroam option

  2. On the popup, leave the Mode as Automatic
  3. Enter your Monash email address as your Username, and enter your Monash password

    Screenshot of menu with username details inputted

  4. Click Join
  5. The first time you connect to the eduroam network, you'll need to verify the server. To authenticate, click Show Certificate
  6. Select Trust, change the setting to Always trust, then select Continue

    Only ever trust a certificate signed by QuoVadis Certificate Authority

    Screenshot of verification window

  7. A tick symbol appears next to the eduroam network to confirm you're connected to the eduroam wireless service

Mac OS X will remember these settings every time you connect to eduroam from now on.

To remove the eduroam profile, select "Open Network Preferences", then click on Advanced, followed by the minus sign " - " located directly underneath the box of Preferred Networks.

Removing eduroam from macOS

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