Connect to eduroam wi-fi

The Monash wireless network is part of a multi‚Äźuniversity network known as eduroam.

  • Available in most university campuses across Australia and New Zealand, eduroam is also used in the US, Canada, Europe and parts of the Asia-Pacific.
  • Once set up with eduroam, you'll be able to connect at all participating universities without having to reconfigure your device.

The eduroam wireless network is available to all staff and students, as well as our guests from participating institutions.

Visitors to the University can use Monash Free wi-fi.

How to connect

Use your Monash account username and password (not your Monash email address)

  1. From your wi-fi settings, select the network name eduroam
  2. Enter your Monash username, followed by (this is not the same as your email address)
  3. Correct:

  4. Enter your Monash account password
  5. If you're asked for:
    • Certificate(s): none/not required
    • EAP (if prompted): PEAP
    • Phase 2 Authentication (if prompted): none

Need more help connecting?

  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on Windows 7 or Vista
  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on Windows 8
  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on Mac OSX
  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on an iPhone or iPad
  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on Android
  • Connect to eduroam wi-fi on Linux
  • Availability

    Visit the eduroam website for more information about where eduroam is available.


    Eduroam is available at all Australian Monash University campuses. Always connect to eduroam if you have a Monash account.


    When travelling, use eduroam rather than your mobile internet (NextG or 3G) device wherever possible. This will provide a faster connection and reduce international data charges. Monash University is not charged to use eduroam at other participating institutions.

    No luck? Get in touch and we'll help you out.

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