Smartphone plans available to staff

Monash provides smartphone plans catering for three different levels of use. Purchase a plan.

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Standard plan

  • $60 per month (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 6GB of shared pool domestic data per month
  • $597 hardware fund towards handset

Executive plan

  • $80 per month (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 50GB of domestic data per month FairPlay (unlimited domestic data within reason)
  • Unlimited international direct dialling IDD (calls from mobile to overseas while in Aus)
  • $910 hardware fund towards handset

Low cost BYO plan

  • $31.82 p/m (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 2Gb of shared pool domestic data per month
  • $0 hardware fund

Included features for all plans

  • $10 per day International Roaming pack for all service
  • no fixed contracts
  • no Early Termination Charges (ETC) if we need to transfer the mobile number from Monash
  • one shared data pool for the entire University, regardless of the plan
  • reduced cost of handsets, through a hardware subsidy scheme
  • managing and monitoring the Monash fleet centrally

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Monash University applies InTune Mobile Device Management to all new smartphones provided to Monash staff.

The MDM provides:

  • a minimum set of cyber security requirements across all mobile devices (eg. enforce a pin)
  • visibility of University assets (eg. who is using a particular device)
  • a reduction in overhead of manually configuring devices (eg. enabling a zero-touch direct to user service).

Information MDM collects

The MDM collects the following personal information from staff:

  • name(s)
  • email address
  • job title
  • department
  • manager
  • mobile device information, including:
    • owner
    • device name
    • serial number
    • manufacturer
    • model
    • operating system
    • company apps
    • app names on the device (but not content)

MDM and location tracking

The system may also be used to collect location information about a device, in the following circumstances:

  • Upon request from a staff member’s manager to eSolutions in certain circumstances.
  • If a staff member activates “lost mode” on the device.

In these circumstances:

  • No device location information is sent to InTune until this action is turned on by request of Monash or staff member.
  • The locate device action will send the latitude and longitude coordinates of the device to InTune, and shown in the portal.
  • The data is stored for 24 hours, then removed.
  • The location data cannot be removed using a manual process.
  • Location data is encrypted, both while stored, and while being transmitted.

In each instance, a message will be shown on the device lock screen informing the staff member that this device is collecting location information or is in lost mode. This message will include a service desk number for the staff member to call.

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