Smartphone plans available to staff

Monash provides smartphone plans catering for three different levels of use. Purchase a plan.

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Standard plan

  • $58.18 p/m (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 4Gb of shared pool domestic data per month
  • $650 hardware fund towards handset

Executive plan

  • $77.27 p/m (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 30Gb of domestic data per month FairPlay (unlimited domestic data within reason)
  • Unlimited international direct dialling IDD (calls from mobile to overseas while in Aus)
  • $1000 hardware fund towards handset

Low cost BYO plan

  • $31.82 p/m (ex GST)
  • Unlimited domestic calls and SMS
  • 2Gb of shared pool domestic data per month
  • $0 hardware fund

Included features for all plans:

  • $10 per day International Roaming pack for all service
  • no fixed contracts
  • no Early Termination Charges (ETC) if we need to transfer the mobile number from Monash
  • one shared data pool for the entire University, regardless of the plan
  • reduced cost of handsets, through a hardware subsidy scheme
  • managing and monitoring the Monash fleet centrally

MDM Agent

Staff supplied with a Monash smartphone need to be aware that the university has deployed a mobile device management (MDM) agent on your Monash owned device.

A MDM is an application that sits on your phone to enable management over the device, it increases our ability to manage the asset from when its new through to the end of it's usable life. It allows us to set minimum security requirements like ensuring there’s a pin set and if there’s a  vulnerability discovered we can push a fix to ensure we continue to be protected.

Here are a few key things you should know:

  • The application is called Agent
  • You don't have to turn on the MDM as it will run in the background automatically, you'll be asked to log on to the phone from time to time. You'll need to use your Monash user name and password.
  • You won't be able to uninstall the app because all university owned smartphones need to have it installed. If you try to uninstall the app an alert will be triggered for a re-installation to occur.
  • If your device is lost or stolen we will be able to lock, erase or locate the device if requested.
  • Your phone will behave the same as it does direct from Apple, Samsung or Google but there may be minimum standards set to ensure the device is kept secure. For example there's a minimum 6 digit pin code required.


Monash Smartphone Service Statement (pdf, 0.21 mb)

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