Smartphone support


For any smartphone or Telstra plan enquiry, please contact Solve Communications on:

  • 1800 630 022 (8.30am – 9pm, Monday – Friday)
  • (03) 9696 1234 (9am – 5pm weekends (excludes national public holidays))
  • Email:

For escalation, please contact the eSolutions Service Desk.

Smartphone policy

Monash University provides smartphones  and cellular devices to nominated staff to facilitate business communications. The University (‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’) accepts that a very small proportion of calls may be for reasonable private use (for example contacting family members)and reserves the right to recover the costs that are deemed to be excessive. This includes costs associated with data transmission and internet usage.

Monash University smartphone rollover

If you have an eligible Telstra Plan (Standard Telstra Plan or Executive Telstra Plan), eSolutions replace smartphones approximately every two years.

eSolutions will reach out by email or SMS to inform you of an upcoming rollover. This is to:

  • ensure your smartphone continues to meet the needs of colleagues and deliver up-to-date functionality
  • meet the cybersecurity requirements of the University.

Cancelling the Telstra Plan or leaving the University

eSolutions provide you with the option to purchase your smartphone if your manager or financial delegate approve.

  • Buy-out costs will be calculated by Solve Communications.
  • Payment options are limited to PayPal and personal credit cards (Visa/MasterCard).
  • Solve Communications can assist with transferring your number to a personal account.

If you decide not to purchase the smartphone you must return it to eSolutions, by:

  • handing the smartphone back to your financial delegate or manager, or
  • logging a myServices request to have the smartphone collected by the eSolutions Service Centre.

Ensure you back-up your personal data first, or ask eSolutions to assist with this.

Purchasing your smartphone

When purchasing your smartphone, you need to understand and agree with the following:

  • I acknowledge that the handset supplied will be provided in its current condition without warranty.
  • On completion of the purchase, the smartphone will become my personal asset and is no longer supported by eSolutions or Solve Communications.
  • I acknowledge that a Full-Wipe Command will be sent to this smartphone removing all Monash University Mobile Device Management (MDM) and personal data from the device and restoring to factory default.
  • I understand that a non-Monash University credit card will be required for the purchase of my old smartphone.

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