How to print for staff

Print from a Monash computer

If you're working on a Monash computer:

  • select the MonashUniPrint option in your list of printers
  • if you can't see MonashUniPrint in your list, please restart your machine
  • Your print job will automatically print in black and white. You'll need to manually select colour from the print dialogue box when submitting your job.

Print from your laptop

If you’re using a personal computer or laptop, you can still print using the new system. See the instructions below for your device:

Print using Web Print

  1. Login to with your Monash username and password
  2. Select Web Print, then click Submit a Job
  3. Select your finishing options (eg two-sided black and white), then click Print Options to continue (you can't select individual pages or ranges - only the entire document)
  4. Enter the number of copies you wish to print, then click Upload Documents
  5. Upload files to print either by dragging and dropping or by clicking Upload from computer. You can upload and print multiple files at a time.
  6. Click Upload and Complete when you've uploaded all your files.
  7. Find your nearest printer. To release your printing, either scan your M-Pass or enter your Monash username and password.

Print from your mobile device

You can now print directly from your mobile device through a new feature called Mobility Print.

For instructions, see the relevant operating system below.

No luck? Get in touch and we'll help you out.

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