Purchase Nuance

Licences for Nuance Software are centrally managed by eSolutions. All licences are purchased with Software Maintenance to ensure access to new versions.

Request a licence 

  1. Determine which Nuance Software you would like
  2. Raise a Service Request through eSolutions Service Desk
  3. When placing the request please provide the following information :
  • Specify the product
  • Operating System (Windows or OSX)
  • Monash account asername of the person who will be using the software
  • Monash IT Asset Number of the device that software will be installed on
  • Organisational Unit of the person who will be using software
  • Cost Centre and Fund that the licence cost and ongoing maintenance can be charged to
  • Name of the staff member who has provided financial authorisation.
Dragon Professional Group14Windows$50
Dragon for Mac5OSX$50

No luck? Get in touch and we'll help you out.

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