Meet past teams

Over the past four years, hundreds of students at Monash University have participated in Leave No One Behind. Some of our winning innovators and their inspiring ideas are featured below.



A coffee-flavoured innovation supporting disadvantaged youth

‘Grounded’ were one of the 2017 winners of Leave No One Behind, with their coffee- flavoured innovation. Natalie, Elisabeth and Sean came together with a shared passion for empowering disadvantaged youth. Through the program, they developed a social business idea to fulfil this mission while also addressing the 8500 tonnes of coffee waste produced by Melbournians every year. ‘Grounded’ convert used coffee grounds into high-quality, ethically made exfoliating scrub bars, with the profits directed to existing service providers helping disadvantaged young people get back on their feet. Financial support received through the program has enabled the team to refine their product and expand production in 2018. They are currently in talks with a national retailer to stock their products in stores across Australia.

One Love

An initiative to promote social cohesion and inclusion

‘One Love’ were one of the 2018 winners and developed an idea to enhance social inclusion, starting with the local African communities. As a way to realise this mission, ‘One Love’ run a variety of programs and initiatives using sport and music to promote social cohesion across diverse groups and celebrate cultural diversity. They recently partnered with a premier league sporting club to develop a program supporting at-risk African youth. The team also travelled to New Zealand, where they organised a fundraising concert for the communities affected by the Christchurch terrorist attacks. See more:

Safe Spaces

A platform to make public venues safer

‘Safe Spaces’ began with a clear mission: to create safer public venues for females and minority groups to enjoy nightlife without fear of harassment or assault. As young women, this is an issue that founders Carly, Bree and Ronnie were determined to solve after hearing more and more instances of friends feeling unsafe while enjoying a night out. ‘Safe Spaces’ aims to improve the personal safety of patrons by working with venues to address design issues, management practices and policies and procedures. This includes training bar staff and security on how to recognise and respond to situations where patrons are feeling threatened, harassed or unsafe. ‘Safe Spaces’ will be piloting their offering at a music festival later in the year.


Assisted Outing

A service to lessen social isolation for people with needs

Winnie Wong is a Law School graduate and founder of 'Assisted Outing', a platform that connects those with needs to assistants in their local community who can take them out on fun local, interstate and overseas outings. Driven by her mother's experience with Parkinson’s Disease, she turned her passion for disability support services into a fully-fledged idea and created Assisted Outing through our 2017 Leave No One Behind program. With her prize money, Winnie is looking at opportunities to expand her business and scale her platform internationally. See more:


Foster Dreamz

Extracurricular programs for children in care

'Foster Dreamz' founder, Louisa Chiam is a foster carer and grew up with foster siblings. Through the 2018 Leave No One Behind program, she developed a social business idea that supports children in care to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals and create a better future for themselves. Foster Dreamz provides children in foster care with opportunities to participate in fully-funded extra-curricular activities. After making the idea to the grand finals in both Leave No One Behind and The Big Issue's 'Big Idea' competition, Foster Dreamz are continuing their work with the help of several community and activity partners, including the AFL and Gymnastics Victoria. See more: