Why take part?

University is an exciting journey as you learn to hone in on your talents and chosen industry. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being prepared for the world. If you want to have an impact in the real world, you’ll need more than a degree.

You’ll need to learn how to define a problem, develop and test solutions, and pitch your ideas. These entrepreneurship basics are important for everybody, no matter what career you want. Below are some of the skills you’re going to learn in the Leave No One Behind program.


“The program has opened my eyes to wealth of opportunities available outside of a typical corporate career, and how to pursue them. I learnt the practical steps needed to begin a social business and the resources available at Monash to make this a reality.”

“It has given me an insane drive to start something and not be easily distracted by the idea of failing."

"I became open about how many ways there are to make money and do good.”

+ TEAMWORK - This is no school project. How will you learn to work together to achieve a shared goal?

+ RESEARCH - Cast your net wide and use personal experience to seek out those most in need. Identify and define a problem, and the questions you need to answer.

+ IDEATION - We’ll push you to think outside the box, and test your concept from every angle.

+ PROPOSAL PLANNING - What’s a formal business proposal meant to look like? What requirements do you need to consider?

+ PITCHING - This is a key skill when approaching investors in the real world. We’ll make sure you know how to grab someone’s attention - and keep it.

All of this will make an impressive addition to your resume, and connect you with a unique network of people creating meaningful social change.

What our alumni say about the program

“I learnt that you can simultaneously value social impact and commercial viability as opposed to pursuing one at the expense of the other. I also developed an understanding of the true depth of work that is involved in starting a business.”

“I feel like now I have the confidence and the resources to fully explore a social problem and come at it with everything I can offer.”

“I feel more confident to be an entrepreneur myself. It was scary until I did it. So much fun and so much to learn!"

“It led me to other programs, and bigger ideas. It feels far more achievable now.”

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