Ms Renata Morello - Researcher Profile

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Epidemiology & Preventative Medicine
Monash Medical School Building, The Alfred Hospital


Ms Morello has worked at Monash since 2010 where her role has included the management of a multi-centre cluster RCT (the 6-PACK falls prevention project) funded by the NHMRC, led a review of healthcare service characteristics associated with improved performance funded by VMIA, led a review of patient safety culture interventions in hospitals, and she is currently leading an evaluation of a disease management program provided to members of a private insurance company. She is also an investigator on the Pilates falls and bone health project and an evaluation of the Waves program, a warm water exercise program for people with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions, funded commissioned by Arthritis Victoria.

Ms Morello is a physiotherapist with more than 10 years of clinical experience and more than 7 years experience in health service design and management. Past appointments include roles in service management and evaluation at Epworth Eastern Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Goulburn Valley Health. She previously established and managed the Physiotherapy services for Epworth Eastern and played a critical role in the development of the respiratory care unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital. She also has extensive experience in clinical training and assessment of under-graduate students in the care of the elderly and cardiothoracic physiotherapy, and has completed a Masters of Public Health at the University. During her Master program Ms Morello established skills in economic evaluation, health program evaluation and public health research and practice. In 2013 she was awarded an NHMRC post graduate research scholarship to undertake her PhD in Public Health that focuses on health service evaluations.


Institution: Melbourne University
Year awarded: 2011
Institution: LaTrobe
Year awarded: 1999


Journal Articles

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